How to get a job at any company

The most awesome way to respond to a job rejection

Are you tired of receiving NO as an answer when you apply for a job? Then you might be interested in reading the next example, which shows you how you can get a job at any company that you choose.

The letter has been made in such a way that when you receive the ‘ANSWER NO’ from the company, you will be able to respond to the message. Once you respond to the message, the employer of the company will have no other action to reconsider your job application.

How to get a job at any company

The first thing you need to do to get a job at any company is the application process. Make sure that you send a job application. You can also send a open job application letter. Once the company has received your application, they will have three options:

  • Respond to your application in a positive way
  • Throw your application to the thrash
  • Respond to your application in a negative way

Once they respond to you in a negative way, you will be able to use the follow template to get the job. Be aware that the company will call you after you have sent this template message to them.

How to respond to a rejection
How to respond to a rejection

How to respond when you get a NO as a answer

Use the template which is shown below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to thank you for declining my job application for your company.

I have read your letter with much care and attention. The reason behind this is the fact that I get a lot of declines in response, and this fact has made it impossible for me to accept each decline which has been send to me.

For the reason above, I have made the choice that your company will not be in that list which has declined me. I appreciate the time and effort which you have put to decline me but your rejection does not fit the demands which are demanded for the job application.

I want to inform you that I will be at the office as soon as possible to enter the role of the job which I applied for. I wish you good luck in declining other candidates.

Yours sincerely,  [Via]

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