Stop and learn how to get a insurance for cyber related subjects like e-health, cyber security and data information. The world of insurances has accepted that in the cyber security world there are items and services which need to be insured against cyber risks. Various insurance companies in the United States and in the health sector are understanding that the risk which come from the internet, hackers and governments need to be taken serious.

Companies are starting to get a insurance for cyber attacks, risks, data loss and reputation damage.

Cyber insurance

The Cyberverzekerd website which provides cyber insurances in The Netherlands is a perfect example of the growth in cyber insurances. On the website you will be able to calculate your cyber insurance in just a couple of steps.

Cyber insurance checklist
Cyber insurance checklist

Insurance market

The Department of Homeland security supports the idea of having a cybersecurity insurance. The DHS has setup multiple task forces which will research the robut cybersecurity market. They believe that the cyber insurances will offer relevant policies at a lower cost. The DHS also published multiple cyber insurance reports and papers.

The American International Group Inc is providing insurances against cyber injuries. The AIG and other companies are providing cyber insurances in the United States as the US cyber security framework and various corporate customers are demanding a type of insurance against cybercriminals. It is known that the amount of advanced cyber attacks is going to increase as more powerfull software and hardware is being developed.

Companies like the security company RedSocks are developing devices which will be able to take on the fight against these advanced cyberattacks. The worst thing which could happen is that a company gets infected by a RAT. The RAT will allow the cybercriminal to roam the company network without being interupted. A cyber insurance will demand that you take actions against the threats which a RAT could bring.

How to get a insurance

There are various ways on how you can get a insurance. The first thing you will need to research and order are the items that you want to have insured.

For example, if you are running a online webshop you might want to insurance your website against reputation damage. It is possible that in the future a hacker will deface or damage the webshop. This could have a massive impact on the business, but if you have a cyber insurance – you will be able to hire a reputation damage agent which will help you to minimize the reputation damage.

The insurance companies will demand that you take actions against possible threats. They can demand the company to audit their environment by the ISO 27001 standards which takes a look at the information security management system. It is also possible that the cyber insurance policy demands that you install applications or hardware that stop malicious or find malicious activities.

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