How to find public cameras in Nigeria

Hi all, with all of the developments in Nigeria, I want to show you a way, on how you can make your visibility bigger. All of the tips and tricks I am going to teach you are legal, and it should not take you a long time before you get the hang of it.

How to find public cameras in Nigeria

Time needed: 5 minutes.

This step by step guide will teach you how to find public camera’s in Nigeria. Do remember, that accessing these cameras can be against the law, so always verify the links that you find, before you actually visit them.

  1. Shodan

    Navigate to the shodan website, and provide the following command in the shodan search engine:
    camera web country:ngshodan nigerian webcams

  2. Review the results

    You will get a list of results from Shodan. In the list, you will be able to find public webcams. You can use these webcams to get a view of that location. This can assist you in safe traveling. shodan results

  3. Utilize Twitter

    Twitter is a great source for information. Utilize the various twitter hashtags that are being used. This will allow you to have a ‘realtime’ view of what is happening in Nigeria. Be aware of fake profiles and fake news. Always verify the information that you read.

    Hashtags used
    #LekkitollgateLekki Toll gate

  4. Utilize Google Maps

    Before you leave the house, do a quick view on Google maps. See if there are any traffic jams, or if any news is being shared for that location. In these cases, Google can be your friend.

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