How to download music from Youtube

Do you want to learn how to download music from Youtube? Then this post is exactly for you. In my previous Youtube post, I explained how you can download your Youtube videos directly to your iphone, computer, mac or android system. I also explained how you can use Python scripts to download videos from youtube, and I showed you that cool Spotify Youtube playlist download tool.

Legal issues

You need to be aware of the legal items when you decide to download content from Youtube. Make sure that you have written permission to use the music, and always verify if the publisher is actually the owner of the music you are listening to.

Download music from youtube

On the web, you can find various tools that allow you to download music from Youtube directly. One of the smartest solutions is the 320 Youtube download tool. The site clearly states that you only need to add 320 to the Youtube link, and once you hit enter, you will get the MP3 file of the Youtube music page.

Example of the 320 Youtube page

The formats

  • mp3
  • wav

Download your songs and audio

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to download music from Youtube, step by step.

  1. Enable your ad-blocker

    Enable your ad-blocker as the Youtube download tools often contain spammy advertisments and evil links.

  2. Add 320 to your Youtubevideo

    For example, I want to download the music from my intro video. The link will become Notice that I have added the 320 the the URL.320 Youtube download

  3. Download the MP3

    Once you hit enter, you will get the MP3 download button. Hit that button, and your MP3 file will be downloaded.

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