How Cyber Security Can Help You Live a Better Life

Cyber security can have a big impact on your health, and especially if you work with a lot of electronics. Cyber criminals all around the world and constantly scanning the internet for vulnerable devices, and your device could be one.

The cybercriminals search for these vulnerable devices as it will allow them to hijack the vulnerable devices. They try to hijack the devices by luring unaware users to malicious environments and installation files which in order will open various doors to cybercriminals. Once the cybercriminals successfully install various doors on the infected device, the cybercriminal will be able to fully control the infected device, meaning that the cybercriminal gains access to intellectual property, financial information and personal information (pictures, videos, chats, mails etc).

Now how can cyber security help me to have a better life?!

Well, in the last couple of years, multiple people have committed suicide after the company where they worked was hacked. In other cases, people are blackmailed by cyber criminals which can cause a lot of stress, and in other cases, the cyber criminals will use a ‘Cryptolocker’ to hide all your files from you, and in order to retrieve those files, you will have to pay ‘X’ amount.

It comes down to

It all comes down to having an awareness about your personal cyber security environment. Once you have an awareness on cyber security and cyber criminals, you will have no trouble to keep yourself out of trouble, and the best part is, that you can use the same awareness in your working environment, allowing you to raise the awareness level and saving the company money.

How to stay aware and raise awareness on cyber security

The best thing you can do, is to keep yourself posted on issues which have an direct link with cyber security, meaning that if you notice that your Windows product, or Apple product is stating that you need to update your software, that you actually will update your software. Each day that the device is not updated, is another day which the cyber criminals can use to hijack or hack the vulnerable device.

Another trick is to keep yourself posted on the ‘fixes and updates’ which are included in the updates. Read the documents, and you will see that various bugs have been fixed which allowed cyber criminals to take advantage of (outdated) vulnerable devices.

Ask questions

People worry because they lack information to face the ‘problem’ or ‘issue’, make the cyber security topic relevant at work. Make sure that no illegal software is used at the office and in your personal environment. Illegal software often contains ‘backdoors’ which are used by cyber criminals and hackers and the chance that outdated software is being used is very high! And that is a big ‘No No ‘.

Once you take care of yourself and your environment, you will become an very hard target for cyber criminals and hackers, and when you become an hard target, they will often choose an easier target to hack.

So make sure that you follow these ‘guidelines’ to have a better life with no stress about ‘digital devices’ and ‘digital threats’.

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