Hotstar App – Questioning Our Moral Choices In Content Consumption!!

Any app that streams movies and music for free is questionable. First red flag on the source of the movies and music they are providing users for consumption, second red flag on the source of the app installation itself. Hotstar app downloads is one of those apps. This app is different from another free streaming app as it is an iOS compatible app. Though, that doesn’t mean, you will be finding it on the apple store shelves. The company has taken apple compatibility certificate for easy running and services on iOS, otherwise, you have to download it from the app provider’s given web address using safari, basically ‘sideloading’.

Think of the million things that can go wrong only while you are installing it. Uploading any iOS app on Apple store not only requires certain authentication but also needs to pass malware and virus tests. So, any app you are downloading from sources elsewhere has the threat of including malware content in your mobile space. This means your information stored in those devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Even if you are taking a risk on this factor, how about discussing the free streaming methodology? Hotstar works just like P2P torrent. So, it streams contents from bits and pieces distributed everywhere on the internet from different IPs as and when available, on their in-built media player. Hence, definitely the content is not free, and Hotstar is streaming them illegally. Not only, you are watching a pirated content, but also uploading your bit to be consumed by some other user too. Hence you are actively distributing illegal content online. With legal authorities breathing on the neck of people who have involved actively in piracy and illegal distribution of media content, you might face lawsuit charges too. It has been in the news that a Sweden based man was fined $652000 USD for 1 movie.