Hoax McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat!

Published by Reza Rafati on

It seems that the website Huzlers.com is only spreading hoaxes to fool people with fake information. They have published a new article titled ‘McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat!’ and they are using an old image which shows how McDonald makes their McNuggets. It seems that the website is trying to scare the people by asking them how long McDonald has been serving Human Flesh to their loyal customers.

Earlier the website released another HOAX of how the Flappy Bird developer would have taken it’s own life as he could not handle the stress anymore. On the same day the website also published how two brothers got in a argue which resulted in the death of one. The argue started after one of the brothers getting a higher score. As we know by now, the information that is published on the website is fake and can not be considered trust worthy.

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Reza Rafati

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