Hoax: Kimbo Slice dead or killed

Beware of the Kimbo Slice hoax which is currently circulating the web, the hoax claims that the mixed martial artist Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo Slice) has been killed during an attempted home invasion.

The hoax claims that Kimbo Slice was killed when robbers tried to enter his home. The hoax even claims to have an “witness” of the shooting.

That “witness” claims that:

Robbers made entry into Ferguson home after they jump over the fence on Woodside drive soon as they were on the lawn, Ferguson came out of his house and shout :”yow what you doing here” Gunman panic and pulled a gun open fire killing Ferguson on the Spot.

The hoax continues to state that the “robber” was arrested;

Alexande White was arrested on charges of second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and armed robbery

Please be aware of the Kimbo Slice hoax, and do not click on any links/messages/videos which claim to hold footage or proof of the “death” of Kimbo Slice.

@KimboSlice, keep it professional, and we wish you all the luck in your fights – we know that you are still alive 😉 

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