Hoax: Dog jaws locked after eating dominos leaflet

Beware of the Dog jaws locked hoax which is currently spreading on Facebook. The scam claims that an dog had chewed on a dominos leaflet and got sick after. The scam claims that the dog had his jaws locked after the glossy paper which is used in the dominos leaflet changed into some type of glue substance.

Not a hoax: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/dogs-jaw-glued-shut-dominoes-8293288

The complete hoax as it is being shared on Facebook

Dog jaws locked after eating dominos leaflet hoax

I came across this post today. In the safety of pets, please review your marketing materials.
To my friends who have dogs please be aware of this just seen this post on another site
Today through my letterbox came a dominoes leaflet which my dog decided to rip up. 
About 5-10 minutes later he was lying on the floor with a foaming mouth and shaking so took him to the vets and they predicted that it was a seizure and his jaw was locked together for 5 hours. 
We had loads of tests taken which all came back clear so we didn't really understand what was wrong.
We looked it up online and came across a story about how glossy paper ended up gluing a dogs mouth shut.
We have now discovered that any glossy paper reacts with dog saliva forms a gluey, paste that will lock a dogs jaw together and this is what happened to our Alf.
Please share and be careful of this with any animal that you have and keep them away from any junk mail and even letters to prevent this from happening to your pets

Origin of the hoax

It comes from a story in 2008 where even the vet said it is very rare and would be rare for it to happen again. most likely a mixture of whatever the dog ate

What to do if you see this hoax

The hoax is completely harmless, but it is wise to report the hoax post if you see it passing by on your Facebook wall. Inform the user about the fact that they are sharing a hoax, and if they refuse, simply report them.

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  1. Just got told from a family member that our story is on this website..
    This is not a hoax. This story is from me and it was my Jack Russell. He was seriously injured from this leaflet and he was in the vets for 5 hours trying to figure out how to open his mouth. Yes we discovered that it has happened before but this is our own story and it did happen.

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