Hired Troll protects Big pharma giant Bayer to disrupt women activist against Essure

Note: I am fully aware of the attempt to falsely report copy right calms on before its news sight by “Melayna Lokosky” as I can assume she is butt hurt and the women of Essure will find out her True intentions.  The Truth will expose the wicked.

Unfortunately, and all to often I have found that major corporations go above and beyond to protect their corporate image using unethical and immoral tactics to protect faulty products and services like a B rated commercial.

You know these type’s using common paid untalented actors to give a poorly scripted testimony to fool the masses in to thinking they are just some average Joe raving about how his or her life was changed because of a product or service, when in reality the product or service is not only defective but many times down right snake oil.

It is also common for corporations to do this via social media and on blogs today using a seemingly unknown individual speaking highly about a corporation and its products when in fact that is there  job to spread propaganda and lies to protect the Corporate image.

Its actually a brilliant tactic as ALL corporations know that viral campaigns are truly effective when people share information or in this case disinformation for the benefit of a corporation amongst ignorant people who have no understanding or background in a subject they share with their friends.

I know some of you are thinking where is your proof that this person is being paid to spread lies and dis inform the general  public using Counter-Propaganda ie Making a Weapon of Public Affairs.

Some times deception is not so obvious.  But generally speaking getting people distracted from the real issue at hand can and often at times be the most devastating tactic in breaking up large movements or groups.

An example of this :  Racism has been and still is used by the media to divide the public from non partisan issues.

So this person who seems to be named “Melayna Lokosky” wrote a story posted on killingmycareer dot com entitled “IS ERIN BROCKOVICH USING THE WOMEN OF BAYER’S ESSURE AS IMAGE REHAB?

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 8.28.51 PM

It is obvious that this person is focusing on a celebrity name with the Robin Hood portraying herself as the savior of all the  women everywhere when in fact this very women who wrote this story entered the Essure group like a wolf in sheep clothing, digging what ever dirt she could find on the group.  She expressed to the group that she was Greatly concerned for the health and well-being of thousands of women and she was willing to write stories to help the women who have been victim of this horrible device called Essure.