Hide / change IP address for better privacy by using a VPN

A device connected to the Internet (for example, your computer, router in fact) has a unique address; A so-called IP address. This IP address is similar to your home address, a unique description of your home location, allowing others to find them. This IP address is required, because you cannot access the internet without it. Without IP addresses, other computers and websites do not know where to send the requested information (for example, a YouTube video).

The disadvantage of having a unique IP address is that everything you do on the web (viewing websites, viewing videos, sending email, downloading, etc.) is related to your environment. This, of course, is a major violation of your privacy. With a VPN, all your Internet traffic is routed through a (chosen by you) server, so other people, websites, and agencies only see the IP address and location of the VPN server.

Your own IP address and location will remain hidden.

Use secure (public) networks

With the increase in the use of mobile devices with the Internet (laptop, tablet, smartphone), there is much more work out of home or home. More and more airports, cafés and hotels provide access to their network with internet connection, often free. But unfortunately there are disadvantages.

The disadvantage of using these public networks is the major security risk you are facing. Simply put, every person in this network can easily intercept, read and even adjust all your Internet traffic. This may allow them to plunder your bank account, hack your email or Facebook and steal your personal information. It is important to realize that this fact is not a theoretical danger, but a method that criminals increasingly use.

A VPN encrypts all your Internet traffic on your computer, so someone else cannot read it and cannot manipulate it.

Netflix, HULU, VEVO, BBC iPlayer

Many well-known online video services are regionally bound. This means that they cannot be viewed from a country other than where they have contracts with the film industry. Examples include Netflix, HULU, VEVO and BBC iPlayer. If you are in the USA, you can (often free) use these services, but you do not live in America, then you will not. To bypass these location-related limitations, you can use a VPN. You then connect to a server in the streaming service country (e.g. America). From then on all your internet traffic will be routed through this server and the video service will think you are in that country and you can use these services.

Counteract censorship and surveillance of a government

There are many countries that apply internet censorship and monitor almost every government and logs the internet usage of the residents of their own (or other) country. For censorship, I have few good words about monitoring internet traffic to definitely say good things too. Unfortunately, surveillance appears not only to be used by governments to act (terrorism and state security). A good example are the revelations made in recent years by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks. All in all, many people were forced to bypass any censorship and custody government. For this, a VPN can be used perfectly. Your data will be heavily encrypted and your location will be changed. As a result, your internet usage is difficult to control and you can escape censorship.

Download torrents safely without risk of claims / litigation

In the last few years, fanatically hunting is being made for people who download. The music industry and the film industry have been complaining for years to incredibly high amounts because they downloaded or share movies and music they have ©, or share with others. I do not want to discuss whether this is correct or not. The fact is that you are at risk when downloading. Since 2014, it is no longer allowed to download movies and music in the Netherlands (parts have not been allowed for longer). Currently, people who download P2P software and torrents are at risk of getting a claim on their pants. A VPN will hide your download behavior (encrypted and redirected through another server), which will no longer risk you. Of course, I do not recommend to download music and movies illegally.

Use Google anonymously

Google is a huge company that has made the internet (use) bizarre. This well-known internet giant offers dozens of high quality services and strives to pursue a total package for its users. The use of this total package is known to be one side. Google is getting more and more information about you.

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