Hey Sabu, you better read this letter from Ryan @APT1337

MESSAGEĀ from @APT1337

Dear my “brother” Sabu.

Greetings from the real world. You know, where cause and consequence reign free and mighty. I’ll send you a postcard sometime. Anyway… How is being a human bidet for the FBI treating you? The very people you taught the young and impressionable to hate. I heard you now have a job as a security consultant? That sounds fun. Life is looking pretty cosy for you currently. Hey, talking of cosy; It’s Jeremy Hammonds birthday soon, January the 8th. I was considering sending him book or something because, from experience, jail isn’t too cosy and he could do with things to do to pass the time. After all, 10 years is a hell of a stint for jail, paedophiles and rapists get less.

Do you remember Jeremy at all? He’s one of the people you set up and sold out to save yourself. But enough about Jeremy, let’s talk about you Hector. I can tell you love talking about good old Sabu lately after all.

I must admit that after the initial sting at the realisation of what you did over our time spent communicating, I haven’t thought about you much. I feel a strong sense of injustice over what happened and the way things went, but as a general rule it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But then you started popping up on my time line – ‘Sabu has attended VICE as a VIP.’ ‘ Sabu is doing an interview for CBS news.’ ‘Sabu speaks about his days of hacking for CNET.’ You get the point.

So I watch, and I have to be honest, even though you did what you did I was still kind of half expecting a show of remorse or even an acceptance for what you did. Something, anything. But it was like wishing from blood from a stone. You tried to rationalise what you did and you outright lied. You flaunt yourself on TV making yourself out to be some kind of modern day hero, asking who will guard the guards and various other bullshit. Let’s not forget Hector, we had to endure your bullshit for a long time and we know exactly what you are.

Remember the time Jake and Mustafa wanted to walk away? You knew Jake was young as you had spoken to him numerous times via voice chat. It was too much and they didn’t want to be a part of it any more. But Big-Bad Sabu came out and you raged at them in IRC. I asked you to back off them but you wouldn’t, and so Jake and Mustafa stayed around longer than they wanted and got deeper than they had ever intended. You actively pulled children back into a world of crime to continue something they didn’t even want to do. You are a bully and a criminal and the only person who was caught who hasn’t paid a sufficient price for what you did. You were the worst of all of us. The knowledge you lacked in technical ability you made up for in manipulation and a big loud mouth with the ability to coax people into doing things. Using your online persona and charismatic ways to adjust peoples view on things to what you were trying to spin at the time. Pure peer pressure. Nobody, especially the children you dragged in, could say no to you or you would attempt to scare them.

You were caught but instead of taking responsibility, you bent over and let the FBI take turns at riding you out. “Mastermind” (I laugh every time.) you are not, but a manipulating conductor of targets and (admittedly) persuasive and entirely convincing social engineer you are.
Jeremy and I were mostly happy exploring and reporting exploits if you remember correctly. Sure, we had some lulz along the way, but who’s idea was it to go for big targets for pure self gain? Credit cards, the dumping of personal information, ruining of lives. This was all on the Great Sabu. Is this what masterminding a group is? Just telling people to be bigger shits than they need to be on the Internet but doing non of it himself? Backing people into corners and claiming you had a hand in any of it other than setting people up to do your dirty work.
The only thing you masterminded was your own freedom by coercing and manipulating Jeremy and I into doing things you couldn’t do. You manufactured these scenarios and targets to make us look like bigger threats than we ever were or would have been without your constant pushing. Yes, we were able to do these things, but we had no intention of doing so without you orchestrating a few targets and spinning some crap reasons of why. Constantly giving us speeches of why we should do these things and using our weakness of wanting to spread concerns about security against us. You wanted us to flex our abilities in front of you so you could log it and go crying back to the FBI in order for them to fear us more than they feared you; you turned what we were doing into something much more sinister so that they thought that apprehending us was more in their interests than putting you in jail. All so you could go back home and take selfies of yourself for the media.

If the authorities have anything to fear, it isn’t our skills (although, people should fix their shit. Seriously. For every ones sake.) it’s people like you who run their mouth and rile the impressionable up to a point of anger, using your charismatic way of exciting people into a false sense of revolution. Whilst all you care about is yourself and your ulterior motives. We were interested in the way things work and our want and our need to learn and penetrate so-called secure systems clouded our judgement of your real intentions. I take full responsibility for what I have done. I’ve served my time in jail, I was tagged, I’m on probation, I have restrictions that hinder my general progress towards a career but I have accepted the punishment – so if you think that this is me trying to offshoot any blame, then don’t. I know what I’ve done. I actually feel most shame for some of the things I said to people along the way and lives I effected more than anything. But you have taken exactly ZERO responsibility for any of this.

So who are you Hector? ‘Legendary hacker’ ? ‘leader of anonymous and Lulzsec’ ? You would have functioned better as a cult leader. Pushing, pressuring and preying on younger and smarter people than yourself and running them into the ground. If all you did was relay information for the FBI and steal credit card details (which you didn’t even do. You got us to do it for you.) then what is your purpose anyway? Since most of the words you spun us were under influence of the FBI you couldn’t have meant any of it considering you were just trying to get us to do things to report. You don’t care about movements or activism or rights, because you try sell out anybody who does. You know a few good tricks but as a general rule your hacking know-how is quite limited. So who are you Hector Xavier Monsegur and why are you on TV? Because I spent quite a while getting to know you, and all I see is a coward and a fraud.

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