Helping Pixelbar Rise from the Ashes: Here’s How You Can Support

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On the 28th of June, the Netherlands-based Pixelbar fell victim to an unexpected disaster. The building that has long been the home of this dynamic community caught a significant fire. As of now, the extent of the damage remains unknown, and how the fire started is still under investigation. The unfortunate incident has left the Pixelbar community devastated, and their regular open evenings have been put on hold for the time being​.


Remembering the Good Times at Pixelbar

For those unfamiliar with Pixelbar, this Rotterdam-based hackerspace has been a hive of activity and a haven for tech enthusiasts. Known for hosting events like the Print & Pizza night, Pixelbar was not just a space for advanced DIY builders and owners of 3D print farms but welcomed anyone interested in learning about what’s possible with 3D printing. These fun and informative gatherings allowed people to showcase their prints, ask questions, and get helpful tips from the Pixelbar community​.


Pixelbar also took part in the International Open Hackerspace Day, opening its doors to the public and inviting folks to explore the world of hackerspaces. The participants of Pixelbar would enthusiastically answer questions, show off their projects, and even help with the projects that visitors brought along​.

How Can We Help Pixelbar Rise Again?

Right now, the Pixelbar community is regrouping and planning their next steps. They’ve issued a heartfelt plea to hackers around Rotterdam: for the time being, please avoid visiting the space as it may not be safe.

But there’s one crucial way we can help: Pixelbar has opened a donation link for rebuilding the space. By contributing to this fund, you’re not just supporting the recovery of a vibrant hackerspace, you’re also helping to nurture a community that has been a source of inspiration and learning for many.

Every donation, no matter how small, will help Pixelbar rise from the ashes and continue its mission of fostering tech innovation and community collaboration. So let’s rally around our fellow tech enthusiasts at Pixelbar and help them rebuild their space.

Let’s help Pixelbar rise like a phoenix from the ashes. You can find the donation link on the Pixelbar website. Let’s stand together, for together we’re stronger. We look forward to seeing Pixelbar Space 3 rise and thrive once more!

Please only use the links provided on the official Pixelbar website to ensure you donate/support correctly.

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