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Estimated read time 2 min read

Some of you might know from the old days, and for a majority the name might be new. Feel free to check out the new website. Fresh content, awesome authors and we are growing! Feeding you news from The Netherlands!

How can you support:

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What we have survived

Well, we have been here since 2010, and that means we have survived a lot of special moments:

  1. Multiple attacks on the website, which left us damaged
    • SEO impacted
    • Blacklisted for weeks (slow response AV vendors)
  2. Silenced on social media
    • Because we reported on attacks performed by ISIS
    • Because we reported attacks performed in IRAQ
    • Because we covered Anonymous attacks (during 2014~)
  3. Silenced on Youtube
    • Before cybersecurity got big on Youtube (before big companies started supporting videos there), we had some channels, which got blocked because;
      • We covered scam attacks on Facebook
      • We covered phishing attacks
      • The Youtube algorithm didn’t like us (it was very junior)

The history of Cyberwarzone

We don’t walk away, and the internet does not forget about us. and various other search engines, including Youtube show the battle scars of

Oh, of course, I learned a lot during the last years. I also made some big mistakes — no lies – Reza