Hacking Team Exploit used to drop Zegost Trojan

Zscaler has released an report which states that Hacking Team Exploits are being used to drop Zegost Trojans on targeted machines.

The following CVEs are used:

  • CVE CVE-2013-3896
  • CVE CVE-2014-6271
  • CVE CVE-2013-0074
  • CVE CVE-2014-6332
  • CVE CVE-2015-5119
  • CVE CVE-2015-0313
  • CVE CVE-2015-0311
  • CVE CVE-2013-2551
  • CVE CVE-2015-5123
  • CVE CVE-2015-5122
  • CVE CVE-2013-2460
  • CVE CVE-2015-0336
  • CVE CVE-2014-0515
  • CVE CVE-2014-4130

This campaign is using an compromised Real Estate website to spread the Zegost Trojan. For detailed information I strongly recommend you to take a look at the report which has been published by Zscaler.

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