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Hacking Team Exploit used to drop Zegost Trojan

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Zscaler has released an report which states that Hacking Team Exploits are being used to drop Zegost Trojans on targeted machines.

The following CVEs are used:

  • CVE CVE-2013-3896
  • CVE CVE-2014-6271
  • CVE CVE-2013-0074
  • CVE CVE-2014-6332
  • CVE CVE-2015-5119
  • CVE CVE-2015-0313
  • CVE CVE-2015-0311
  • CVE CVE-2013-2551
  • CVE CVE-2015-5123
  • CVE CVE-2015-5122
  • CVE CVE-2013-2460
  • CVE CVE-2015-0336
  • CVE CVE-2014-0515
  • CVE CVE-2014-4130

This campaign is using an compromised Real Estate website to spread the Zegost Trojan. For detailed information I strongly recommend you to take a look at the report which has been published by Zscaler.

Share this with people that should know this: