Hacking: The rise and fall of Sony

Sony is taking hit after hit. They have been hacked by still unknown individuals, their SSL Certificates have been used by the Destover malware and personal information from thousands of Sony users have been leaked and are being viewed by thousands of internet users each day.

In 2011, Sony was attacked by various actors. The Anonymous collective had initiated an DDoS attack and there were claims that an still unidentified user had logged into the Sony Playstation network. The unidentified user gained access to names, birthdays, email addresses, passwords, security questions and maybe credit card details of all Playstation Network users.

There are claims which state that the hacker in 2011 gained access via the Rebug framework in the Playstation 3 console. The Rebug framework allows developers to gain access to the internal trusted network of the Sony Playstation environment.

Kaspersky Lab released a report on the Destover malware sample which used Sony certificates. Kaspersky Lab claims that it holds two samples of stolen Sony SSL certificates.