Hackers robbed Dutch accounts for 134000 EURO through malware

A group of hackers has stolen 134000 euro’s in 2013 from Dutch bank accounts. In total, sixty people in the Netherlands were infected by the malware.

The group, mostly of Eastern European descent, used malware to gain access to computers, and via internet banking money was diverted to one of the hundreds of accounts that were specially opened for this purpose.

The malware installed itself through vulnerabilities which were present in the computers of the victims. The malware was installed on the devices of the victims at the moment they visited an malicious website.



In October 2013 an investigation into the fraud started after there were dozens of similar declarations received. The resulting damage was limited to 134,000 euros.

Despite the relatively low damage in the Netherlands, the prosecutor and the police had to investigate a year to identify the hackers and the criminal organization.

Justice Zeeland West Brabant did this along with the police unit in The Hague. Financial expertise came from police unit Limburg. Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) yielded a digital platform allowing detectives to view the malware.

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