Hackers just took over Ebay

The hackers from AnonGhost have defaced the official Moldova Ebay domain. Once you visit the Ebay website, you will see the defacement message of AnonGhost.

The AnonGhost hackers have been hacking thousands of servers in the last months, and they are currently active in various operations.

The most active operations which they are active in is the #opIsrael and the #opFrance operation. Both operations are responsible for the defacements of thousands of websites.

The AnonGhost hackers can be seen as a collective of Islamic hackers, some are extremists and some draw a line when it comes to ISIS causes, but it has been reported twice (1,2) that AnonGhost has publicly stated that they support the ISIS fighters and cause.

The hacked and defaced Ebay domain: hxxp://ebay.com.md/

The hackers of AnonGhost have been targeting companies which have an big reputation. They have hacked various French companies like Alfa Romea and Peugeot.

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