Hackers copy complete Instagram profiles in seconds with InstaCopy

If you are an Instagram user, then you have to be aware of the Instacopy program. The Instacopy program is an application that is being distributed on hacking forums.

This tools allows the operator to download complete Instagram profiles to a local drive.

The Instagram profile downloader searches for:

  • Pictures
  • Picture captions
  • Videos
  • Video captions
  • Video thumbnails
  • Graphsidecar pictures
  • Graphsidecar videos
  • Graphsidecar video thumbnails
  • Graphsidecar captions

Various members of the forum have already vouched for the Instacopy tool, meaning that it works and it is capable of downloading complete Instagram profiles.

As always, be aware of what you put online. Use the Instagram guidelines to fully secure your Instagram profile with the best security and privacy settings.

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