Hackers are using SVG files to spread Malware like the Cryptowall-ransomware

Stay aware of nasty and malicious SVG files

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files are being used by cybercriminals to infect unaware users with malware like the Cryptowall-ransomware. The cybercriminals have noticed that a lot of browsers (including IE) support SVG file formats to be opened, and the cybercriminals have decided that it might be “smart” to attach a javascript code to the SVG file, which will force the browser of the user to navigate to a website which will hold the malicious file (For example: Cryptowall-ransomware).

The user will be asked to download and execute the file, once the file has been executed, the device will be held in a cryptolock by the Cryptowall-ransomware.

One is currently doing the rounds on the internet, and it is using the following text:

“Good afternoon my name is Carlene attached is my resume I am looking forward to hearing from you Thank you, Carlene

Subject: resume

Attachment file: my_resume.zip”

We strongly urge everyone to stay aware of attachments which are send to you by unknown people. You can always run an AV check on the file which has been send to you, by using the free service like VirusTotal.com, just do note that the attachment will be uploaded to the VirusTotal network….

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