Hackers are using SVG files to spread Malware like the Cryptowall-ransomware

Stay aware of nasty and malicious SVG files

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files are being used by cybercriminals to infect unaware users with malware like the Cryptowall-ransomware. The cybercriminals have noticed that a lot of browsers (including IE) support SVG file formats to be opened, and the cybercriminals have decided that it might be “smart” to attach a javascript code to the SVG file, which will force the browser of the user to navigate to a website which will hold the malicious file (For example: Cryptowall-ransomware).

The user will be asked to download and execute the file, once the file has been executed, the device will be held in a cryptolock by the Cryptowall-ransomware.

One is currently doing the rounds on the internet, and it is using the following text:

“Good afternoon my name is Carlene attached is my resume I am looking forward to hearing from you Thank you, Carlene