Hacker “swatt” prank turns ugly, 15 year old sentenced for terrorism activities

Yes, if you play games online, and you decide to “swatt” prank someone? Then be prepared to spend 25 years in prison.

The 15 year old boy from Los Angelos, DeQuincy has been sentenced to 25 years for initiating a “swatting” prank on a online gamer.

The gamer started to cry when he heard that the judge convicted him for domestic terrorism.

The 15 year old gamer claims that he was upset, and that he did not meant to perform any act of domestic terrorism.

Horner is the first person in history to be charged with what is known as ‘swatting‘, a growing trend in which a person anonymously files a false police report, such as a murder or bomb threat, in hopes of provoking the police to raid an individual’s home or business. Prosecutors in the case proved that Horner called in multiple false threats against rival online gamers, resulting in SWAT team raids of their residence.

This is the phone call transcript:

“I just shot and killed four people. If any police enter my home I will kill them too,”

As you can see “Swatting” is not appreciated and it will be handled by the government arm of justice.