Hacker Paralyzed Whole City

International conference on practical security Positive Hack Days  on May 21 & 22-2014 was attended by more than 2,500 information security experts of 700 companies, young scientists and entrepreneurs, government representatives and members of the Internet industry from 18 countries.

Cyber security researchers demonstrated cyber threats that our civilization is not quite ready for attacks on power grids, city transport systems, city public lighting, financial companies , online banking and critical infrastructures.

Is a solo hacker capable to paralyze the hole city?

To answer the question Positive hack days organization provided to participants virtual industrial network for Critical Infrastructures, public lighting, transportation, cranes and industrial robot with latest updated software.

A Russian security expert “Alisa Shevchenko” found several critical vulnerabilities in a fairly common industrial control computer system (SCADA), used by the largest companies in the world. In the actual operation of the urban environment of most of these vulnerabilities can lead to the most disastrous consequences, a Denial of Service attack (DoS) on a control systems can disturb or stop function of a vital objects.

During the event another hacker were able to breach virtual bank security, in a cyber warfare competition teams from Russia, Spain, Poland, the USA and South Korea fought for access to classified information, looking for vulnerabilities in enemies’ network and systems and protect their own cyber army unit and network.

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