Hacker explains how he hacked Gamma FinFisher step by step

It is the news of the week. The Gamma spy company has been hacked and the files of their FinFisher program have been leaked to the internet by a hacker.

The hacker has published a full tutorial on how he hacked the Gamma FinFisher environment.

The hacker explains how he was able to hack the Gamma FinFisher company by following a couple of pentesting rules.

The FinFisher hacker has published his guide to the PasteBin website.

The FinFisher Gamma hack guide starts with a introduction. In this piece, the hacker explains why he is published this tutorial, and he explains what the tutorial is.

finfisher hacker hack 1

In the second part, the hacker explains that it is wise to use encryption. This part is titled “Staying Safe”.

finfisher hacker hack 2

In the third part, the hacker explains why it is important to map the target.

finfisher hacker hack 3

In part 4 the hacker explains how you should scan and exploit a specific target. In this case, it was the FinFisher environment.

finfisher hacker hack 4

In step 5 the hacker explains how he abused the “wrong permission” settings of the Debian machine. The Cron service allowed the hacker to upload a Shell root.

finfisher hacker hack 5


The hacker exploited the FinFisher environment by using a SQLi method. After he found his way inside the FinFisher server, he provided permissions to the hacker account. This allowed him to install a Shell, which allowed him to exploit the whole FinFisher environment.

The hacker ends the Pastebin message, with a “outro” message stating the following:

You’ll notice some of this sounds exactly like what Gamma is doing. Hacking is aĀ tool. It’s not selling hacking tools that makes Gamma evil. It’s who theirĀ customers are targeting and with what purpose that makes them evil. That’s notĀ to say that tools are inherently neutral. Hacking is an offensive tool. In theĀ same way that guerrilla warfare makes it harder to occupy a country, wheneverĀ it’s cheaper to attack than to defend it’s harder to maintain illegitimateĀ authority and inequality. So I wrote this to try to make hacking easier and moreĀ accessible. And I wanted to show that the Gamma Group hack really was nothing
fancy, just standard sqli, and that you do have the ability to go out and takeĀ similar action.

Solidarity to everyone in Gaza, Israeli conscientious-objectors, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Peter Sunde, anakata, and all other imprisoned hackers, dissidents, and criminals!


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