Hacker busted by Police Dog which sniffed out the hidden USB stick

This is not something you hear on a daily basis, but it is not new. Dogs are being used to sniff out electronic devices, and in this case, a dog was used to search and find a hidden usb stick. The dog was successful. It happened at Ygnacio Valley High School, which is located in the Bay Area suburb of Concord. The student, who is not being named on account of being a minor, was accused of hacking into the computers to change grades. Some were boosted, while others were dropped. In total, 16 students’ grades were impacted.

In total, 16 students’ grades were impacted.

The hacker was able to enter the school’s computer system by way of a phishing expedition that appeared to be from the school district’s site. It asked them to log in and refresh their passwords, which one of the teachers did.

Upon capturing the teacher’s login information, they were able to enter the system and change the grades. The perfect crime it was not, however, as they left an electronic trail that led police to their house.

From there, Doug (the dog) was able to locate an incriminating USB drive that was hidden in a box of tissues.


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