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The American model and actress Charlotte McKinney has become a victim of a hack. An unknown hacker had  accessed the private pictures of Charlotte McKinney and has leaked them to the public internet.

Charlotte McKinney Leaked pictures response

As you can believe, Charlotte McKinney was pissed to find out that her private pictures had been leaked to her hacked Instagram page.

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Charlotte McKinney has made the following statement about the hack:

“To all of my followers I’ve once again become a victim of hacking. It’s disgusting people enjoy doing this to one another. Please disregard any message you’ve gotten from me. Thanks for the support.”


It is still unclear how Charlotte McKinney was hacked, but the chance is very high that the attacker had used an phishing attack or an man-in-the-middle attack as this will allow the hacker to gain credentials which will allow him to access the Instagram account of Charlotte McKinney.


This is a warning to everyone which stores private pictures on social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

Do not upload those types of pictures to the internet, hackers are always lurking and once something like this happens, it takes a lot of money and time to get it fixed.

Just do not upload private pictures to social media networks or the internet, unless you REALLY do not care who will see it once it gets leaked, because the CHANCE is always there!

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