Gunman claimed that an army of 98 hackers were ready to perform cyber attacks

The gunmen which gained access to a live news show was carrying a letter which claimed that 38 hackers are prepared to perform a cyber attack and that 8 heavy explosives have been placed in The Netherlands. The letter claims that the explosives hold radioactive material.

You can read the letter below (Translated with Google Translate):

When you read this, do not panic. Do not go crying and tell your colleagues not. Pretend there’s nothing to worry about. I’m heavily armed. If you cooperate just neat, then nothing will happen. Realize that I’m not on my own. There are (five?) Plus (38?) Hackers who are ready for a cyber attack. Moreover, there are eight heavy explosives in that country posted containing radioactive material. If you do not bring it to me eight studio to record a broadcast, we are compelled to take action on. You do not want on your conscience still have that? So I now escorted to Studio 8: NOS studio.

We are held hostage by heavily armed men. There are still more of them in the rest of the country and they have 38 hackers ready for a cyber attack. There are also eight heavy explosives placed in the country containing radioactive material. They want to do a live broadcast to keep their story. If that live broadcast is disturbed in any way, they will take action. From the outside is monitored or the live broadcast can be viewed throughout Neerland. Their conditions are therefore include 1: This building is not assailed 2: The live broadcast will not be delayed, not stopped a few seconds and not edited 3: For clarity, there is no information bar and no subtitles added to the live broadcast. If the conditions are met, we will be released. I will repeat it again.

letter gunmen nos

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