[GUIDE] This is getting you HACKED, now you can STOP IT

While you are reading this, thousands of devices worldwide are getting hacked/infected with malware and malicious applications which have been designed by cybercriminals. These cybercriminals have decided to create an income from hacking into environments which are not their property. Once these cybercriminals gain access to the properties, they start searching for information which they can use or sell.

The information is often sold on dark net markets which allow the cybercriminals to share their loot on a marketplace. The marketplaces often ask a revenue from the cybercriminals, in exchange, the marketplace provides an bulletproof environment for the cybercriminals to perform their sales and buys.



So if you wonder on how you are getting spam messages while you have not signed-up for a weird service, then the chance is pretty high that a product which you are using has been hacked by the cybercriminals. The cybercriminals have sold your email information on the dark net, and some buyer is now using it to lure you into a malicious environment or scam – as you can see, the circle is complete.

FireFox, Chrome and mobile/social applications

Cybercriminals are regular people like you and me, only they have decided to earn their money by using illegal techniques and methods, so to get back to the fact that these cybercriminals are people, we will have to take a look at the devices and environments which are being used.

The hackers often use a Linux operating system, this allows them to stay secure against a lot of malicious codes which are crawling the internet for victims, it also allows them to stay on track of each application or code that is processed, now that is something which we do not see a lot when we take a look at Windows users.

The Windows users are targeted more often because the applications which run on Windows are in a majority, and that means that it is a good target for cybercriminals to focus on. The cybercriminals will develop fake or modified Windows applications, these applications are loaded with malware which allows the cybercriminals to control the infected device, but it is not only the Windows environments which they target — the cybercriminals also create fake social media and mobile applications to lure unaware users to malicious environments. We have listed various Fake Facebook applications here, it is possible that some of the Facebook scams are still active, so stay vigilant.


How to delete spam posted by malicious applications

It is possible that your social media environment is infected by malicious applications — I am talking about your friends or family members which are active on Facebook — these (unaware) people are allowing the cybercriminals to earn a  online revenue by performing illegal activities.

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