Guide on how to find the darknet or deepweb

If you are searching for ways to enter the Darknet or the Deepweb then you need to read this how to on finding the active darknet websites on the internet. Before we start you need to understand what the darknet or deepweb is. The darknet are pages which have not been indexed by known search engines like Yahoo or Google. The reasons behind it can be various, one of the main reason is that the administrator of the page did not allow the website to be indexed. Another reason could be the protocol which the page is running on.

The easiest way to enter a darknet realm is by using the TOR browser which is a application that supports anonymity. The TOR application is used by a wide range of people. We have listed them for you so you will have a insight on what you can find on the darknet:

  • Hacktivists
  • Journalists
  • Refugies
  • Criminals
  • Secret networks

So now you have a clear insight on who is active on the darknet we will continue to how to find a darknet website. As I explained earlier the most pages on the darknet do not allow themselves to be indexed by search engines – this does not mean that humans are not able to index the pages on the darknet.

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  1. thankx for sharing this information about the darknet.. from long time i am hearing this word and seriously i dont even know the meaning… So thankx for being helpfull…bye

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