GTA 5 Keygens and Cracks are a goldmine for hackers

Hackers on the internet have been releasing hundreds of videos, posts and tutorials which claim to be capable of cracking the GTA V serial key. The hackers are doing this for a reason. The GTA 5 game has recently been published for the PC and a couple of TORRENTS claim to be the official GTA 5 game but all that is missing at the current moment is a working crack or keygen for the GTA 5 PC version, and the hackers know this.

The hackers have uploaded fake keygens and cracks to various torrent websites and they have published videos on Youtube and Dailymotion to lure unaware GTA 5 fans to malicious websites.

The hackers often use a simple c# program which holds the image of the GTA 5 game, they then continue to add random “Keys” to their program once a button is pressed. The hackers continue to video tape this and once they have setup their “fake Keygen video” they will upload it to the websites like Youtube.