Group-IB Study finds Free Phishing Kits contain backdoor malware

A report published by group-IB states that some of the free phishing kits which were offered online, were not provided for free as a kind gesture. The phishing kits actually contained backdoors. These backdoors allow access to the system which is running the phishing kit. This for example, would allow the cybercriminal, to hijack the information or nodes of the phishing kit user.

What is remarkable — some of the phishing kits were offered free of charge, which was explained not by human generosity but likely by backdoors contained in them, which enabled their creators to access all the gathered data.


According to the report, in 2019, the phishing kit creators’ favorite brands were Amazon, Google and Office 365.

The average phishingkit is being sold around 304 dollars.

In 2019, the average price of a phishing kit more than doubled compared to the year before and totaled $304, with the prices generally ranging between $20 and $880. In comparison, in 2018, the prices for a phishing kit varied between $10 and $824, while the average price stood at $122.


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