Got Chrome? Then Google Just installed Google Voice on your device

I’m glad you are here, that means that you want to know what kind of application recently got installed on your device by Google.

The Google company, has decided that all the devices which use the Google Chrome browser, need to have the Google Search plug-in installed on the devices by default, so Google simply attached the Google Search Plug-in to their latest browser version.


How to check if you have Google Voice Search installed

If you want to know if you have Google Voice Search installed on your device, then you can try to use the following link in your Google Chrome browser:


If you are redirected to the Voice Search page, that means that you (Google) have installed the application on your device.

Google Voice Search — What is it

Now we never know if Google might be listening to your conversations via the Google Voice Search application, and we will never CERTAINLY know that the NSA is not forcing Google to provide them access to this plug-in.

What we can do

There are some steps, which you can take:

Which step will you take?