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Google+, your data & your privacy a report by Ines Simic

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The ‘Hogeschool Rotterdam‘ has demanded their students to research a specific topic which they enjoy.

The HR student Ines Simic decided to publish an insight report on the privacy status of social media users which want to use the Google social media network ‘Google+’.

The report takes a look at the following subjects:

  • The rise of Google+
  • The power of gmail
  • Employees and Employers which use Google services
  • Privacy Awareness of the Google+ users
  • Security Awareness of the Google+ users
  • Cybercriminals and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) methods
  • Google Play Store & Malicious applications
  • Personal data and the cloud
google privacy ines simic
google privacy Ines Simic

The mentioned subjects which can be find above are just a small preview of the subjects which are discussed in the report by Ines Simic.

NOTE: The report has been written in the Dutch language.


Report on Google+ privacy by Ines Simic PDF

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