Google Bomb Attack: Take down high-ranking websites

Cybercriminals and hackers are using various techniques to take down high-ranking websites. Hacking groups like the Syrian Electronic Army have proven that they are capable of infecting and defacing high-ranking websites like ‘Forbes‘. The technique which we are going to provide insight on is the ‘Malicious Google Bomb attack’.

The Google Bomb attack allows cybercriminals to decrease the SEO ranking of a high-ranking website. This attack will also work on low-ranking websites. The attack uses bad keywords to influence the SEO ranking of the high-ranking website.

The attack can be setup within minutes, and if the hackers use a generator, they will be able to spread the ‘Google Bomb attack’ in a high rate.

nmap_matrix_5 hacker

So what is a Google Bomb

Googlewashing or Google bomb refers to a practise which is used by cybercriminals to increase their ranking in the search engines. They will use unrelated and off-topic searc terms in their website. They will put a lot of hyperlinks in the fake website which will increase the SEO ranking of the fake website. Once the cybercriminals have succeeded they will be able to lure unaware users to their malicious website as the website will have a high ranking status.

For example; If hackers would target, they would setup to increase their SEO status. The website will then hold various fake articles which will contain the Microsoft keywords.

What is a malicious Google Bomb attack?

The malicious Google Bomb attack goes a step further, the hackers or cybercriminals will use bad keywords in their website to influence the websites which are hyperlinked. This attack will have a direct influence on the SEO ranking of the targeted website.

For example: The hackers owns the website, the hacker will then load the bad-keyword website with fake articles about Microsoft, they will then load malicious codes on the website which will infect the visitors of the website. The SEO ranking of Microsoft will be affected as the search engines will identify the bad keywords which are linking to the official Microsoft website.

How to take down high-ranking websites

  1. Buy domain name
  2. Redirect domain to a website
  3. Infect SEO ranking and image of the website

What will happen

The affected website will see a decrease in their Google ranking, it is possible that Google will initiate a research on the affected website. If the website is unable to resolve the problem, they might be banned from the search engine indexes.

Why would hackers or cybercriminals use this technique

Because they can.

Why you should protect yourself against these attacks

It is important to protect yourself against these attacks as they will affect your ranking in the search engines.

What can you do about it

You can use various techniques to protect yourself against the ‘malicious google bomb’ attacks. The stackexchange website published various tips on how to defend yourself.

  • 404 page
  • Redirection
  • Server error
  • Disclaimer page
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