Go Online with GoToMeeting for Linux

Odds are, you’ve just picked the working framework that suits you best. You’re alright with how things function, so you shouldn’t need to check framework necessities for each new arrangement you’d like. Fortunately, with regards to online gatherings, the decision is simple. GoToMeeting is good with the most well known working frameworks. Have a Mac? GoToMeeting has you secured. On a Windows? GoToMeeting is ready. Utilizing Linux? GoToMeeting is just a tick away. Furthermore, it doesn’t make a difference which stage another person is joining from either. All participants can join a similar session paying little respect to the gadget or working framework they’re utilizing.

GoToMeeting makes online gatherings on Windows, Linux and Mac simple to begin and join. For Mac and PC clients, you have the alternative to download GoToMeeting work area applications for a full-included ordeal that works impeccably on the two frameworks.

In any case, that is not by any means the only method to have a GoToMeeting session. Rather than utilizing a GoToMeeting work area application, you can utilize the Web App to run online gatherings altogether in a program, for example, Chrome or Firefox, so you can skirt the GoToMeeting download and get directly to the well done. This guarantees Linux clients – and even Chromebook proprietors – can without much of a stretch team up through GoToMeeting. Regardless of in the event that you have an iPhone, Android telephone, iPad or tablet, the Web App associates individuals over any framework or gadget, much the same as the work area application, so you never think twice.

Meet with certainty on your preferred arrangement. While some usefulness varies from Mac to Windows to Linux, the center highlights of GoToMeeting are available on each stage:

  • Start and join online gatherings from anyplace
  • Talk through clear, inherent sound alternatives
  • See the moderator’s screen or offer your own
  • Chat with people or the entire gathering

Download GoToMeeting for Linux

Currently there is no package for Linux, the do offer the Web service of GoToMeeting, we have tested this and it works smoothly in your browser.

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