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Gmail and Facebook have different rules when it comes to sending ZIP files

Gmail is very straight forward in their file uploading policy, they do not allow various file extensions, and a couple of those are the .exe, .zip and .rar file extensions.

When you try to upload a .rar file which contains an executable or any other type of extension that is often used by malicious applications, the upload will be halted, and you will get a message from Google stating that your file has not been uploaded as it might be malicious.

I tried to encrypt and password protect the .rar file with its own password wizard and encryption module (for the filenames), and it was still detected by Gmail.

So I tried the same on Facebook, and guess what, it worked like a charm.

The following extensions are blocked by Gmail:

.JS, .ADE, .ADP, .BAT, .CHM, .CMD, .COM, .CPL, .EXE, .HTA, .INS, .ISP, .JAR, .JSE, .LIB, .LNK, .MDE, .MSC, .MSI, .MSP, .MST, .NSH, .PIF, .SCR, .SCT, .SHB, .SYS, .VB, .VBE, .VBS, .VXD, .WSC, .WSF, .WSH



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