[Facebook video] Giant One-Armed Crocodile – Brutus hoax

Cybercriminals have launched a malicious scheme on Facebook. The scheme is titled ‘Giant One-Armed Crocodile – Brutus’ and it is using a fake picture of a Giant Crocodile. The ‘Giant One-Armed Crocodile’ hoax, infects unaware users with a malicious survey.

The victims of the website are forced to share and like the website before they can watch the ‘Giant One-Armed Crocodile’ video.

The hackers are using these hoaxes as they allow them to infect a lot of people with a couple of simple hoaxes.

Giant One-Armed Crocodile

The hackers are using the crocodile video to infect unaware users with malicious applications and surveys. The surveys create a solid revenue for the cybercriminals which are behind the hoax. These hoaxes are known for spreading like wildfire. This is because of the fact that the users are forced to share and like the malicious website.

giant one-armed crocodile brutus video virus website
giant one-armed crocodile brutus video virus website

The people which are connected to the social media network of the victims, will see the malicious ‘giant one armed crocodile’ video and they will continue to share the malicious hoax.

His name is Brutus. And this massive 16.5 foot, or 5.5 meter, giant one armed crocodile is who people hope to see when they take one of the popular jumping crocodile tours on the Adelaide river in Australia’s northern territory.

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