Giant explosion at oil company Shell, Moerdijk, The Netherlands

There has been a giant explosion at the oil company Shell. The Shell Company which is located in the Netherlands, Moerdijk seems to be having a lot of difficulties as the fire and smoke is still spreading towards the Dutch city Barendrecht. The People in Moerdijk and Barendrecht are advised to keep their windows closed. Around 23:00, there were two huge explosions heard at Shell Moerdijk. Immediately afterwards there was a huge fire. This chemical plant is one of the largest Shell complexes in Europe.

Terror attack

There are no clear reasons on why the explosion happened in The Netherlands, Moerdijk. The Shell Company has not released any statement yet.

So it is unclear if it was an terror attack or an awful accident.

Reactor exploded

The major of Moerdijk reported that it might have been a reactor which has exploded. There are currently 4 wounded people.

Pictures Moerdijk Explosion Shell

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a alerting system which is called AlertNL. It took the AlertNL service one hour to give out the Shell Moerdijk alert.