How the Ghana Armed Forces fail to secure their online identity

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I just can not believe what I see in some groups on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago, I joined the biggest “Ghana Armed Forces” Facebook group, just to see what they are doing. It is a closed group, so someone will have to accept you, before you will be able to join the Ghana Armed Forces group on Facebook.

Once I gained access, it looked like a good group. The information which was being shared was about the Ebola virus, possible threats and how they should keep the morale high. Today, I took a look at the group, and I saw a Facebook post which claimed to provide access to a “Secret Whatsapp Group”. The message was shared in the Ghana Armed Forces group, and before I was able to say something, over a dozen of “Ghana Armed Forces” Facebook members had left their mobile number.

ghana armed forces fail



Share this with people that should know this: