Getting MISP Back on Track: When It’s Unable to Fetch Feeds

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MISP, or Malware Information Sharing Platform, is an essential cybersecurity tool. However, users sometimes face a situation where MISP cannot fetch feeds, creating a gap in your threat intelligence. Let’s delve into how to rectify this issue.

Potential Reasons for Not Fetching Feeds

It’s helpful to understand why MISP may fail to fetch feeds. This could happen due to a variety of reasons, including network connectivity issues, MISP configuration problems, or issues with the feed providers.

Verifying Network Connectivity

To start, verify that your server has a steady internet connection and can access the MISP feed servers. You can use the ping command:


If the server is accessible, it will return a series of replies. If it doesn’t, the problem might be with your network or firewall configurations.

Examining MISP Configuration

Next, check your MISP’s configuration settings. Navigate to the MISP configuration file (/var/www/MISP/app/Config/config.php) and look for the ‘Feed’ settings. Ensure that these settings are correct and that the feeds are enabled.

Updating MISP and Enabling Feeds

If the configuration settings are correct, try to manually update MISP and fetch the feeds. Run this command in the terminal:

sudo -u www-data /var/www/MISP/app/Console/cake Server fetchFeed 1 all

After the update, ensure that your feeds are enabled. You can do this by navigating to ‘Sync actions’ > ‘List Feeds’ in your MISP dashboard. Ensure that all required feeds are enabled.

Refreshing Feed Caches

If the feeds are enabled and MISP is still unable to fetch them, try refreshing the feed caches. This can be done from the MISP dashboard, under ‘Sync actions’ > ‘List Feeds’ > ‘Fetch and store all feed data’.

Troubleshooting Individual Feeds

Sometimes, only specific feeds might be causing issues. In such cases, you can troubleshoot the feeds individually. MISP provides options to fetch and store individual feed data, enabling you to identify if a particular feed is causing the problem.

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