German Arms Manufacturer Rheinmetall Targeted in Cyberattack

Over the weekend, Rheinmetall, a leading German armaments and technology company, was the victim of a cyberattack that targeted all three of its divisions.

However, company officials have stated that the attack did not impact operations.

According to Oliver Hoffmann, a company spokesperson, Rheinmetall’s civilian business primarily serves industrial customers in the automotive sector.

The cybercrime section of the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne is aware of the attack and is currently conducting an investigation.

Media outlets have also covered the incident, with reports noting that Rheinmetall is expanding its operations to provide weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

This is not the first time Rheinmetall has been targeted by cybercriminals. In March, the company was subject to a cyberattack, but it claimed that the attack had little effect on the company’s operations.

The company’s website, which is managed by an outside service provider, was briefly taken down during the previous attack.

As the largest arms company in Germany and one of the top three Western producers of military equipment and ammunition, Rheinmetall is currently valued at over 10 billion euros ($11 billion) on the stock market.

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