When Genocide is Permissible [Deleted content from The Times of Israel]

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The article in the picture has been removed. In it, the author has written when to commit genocide and genocide as it referred to the Palestinians.

The article was quickly removed but we have the screenshot of the page.


The article was published on:

  • http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/when-genocide-is-permissible/

when genocide is permissible

Can you imagine a respected news website in the United States will post something with a title like that? No! In the United States this is unthinkable. The reason why it was removed, it was because such an article is too extreme for the Times of Israel and it would damage their image.  The website: Times of Israel enjoys a wide audience and is funded by the US.

when genocide is permissible removed

Share this information. Revealed the danger of Zionism. In the United States, they have yet to discover the true face of it, but be rid of the guilt to the victims of WWII.

Share this with people that should know this: