Generate username lists from companies on LinkedIn

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This is a pure web-scraper, no API key required. You use your valid LinkedIn username and password to login, it will create several lists of possible username formats for all employees of a company you point it at.

Use an account with a lot of connections, otherwise you’ll get crappy results. Adding a couple connections at the target company should help – this tool will work up to third degree connections. Note that LinkedIn will cap search results to 1000 employees max. You can use the features ‘–geoblast’ or ‘–keywords’ to bypass this limit. Look at help below for more details.

Here’s what you get:

  • first.last.txt: Usernames like Joe.Schmoe
  • flast.txt: Usernames like JSchmoe
  • firstl.txt: Usernames like JoeS
  • first.txt Usernames like Joe
  • lastf.txt Usernames like SchmoeJ
  • rawnames.txt: Full name like Joe Schmoe

Optionally, the tool will append to the usernames.


You’ll need to provide the tool with LinkedIn’s company name. You can find that by looking at the URL for the company’s page. It should look something like It may or may not be as simple as the exact name of the company.

Here’s an example to pull all employees of Uber:

$ python [email protected] uber-com

Here’s an example to pull a shorter list and append the domain name to them:

$ python [email protected] uber-com -d 5 -n ''

rate username lists from companies on LinkedIn

Why is this tool free?

The developer of this tool has put the tool on Github and made it available for security research purposes.

Share this with people that should know this: