[Full download] Leaked tape of Nicki Minaj

Are you searching for the ‘Nicki Minaj Angry Ex-boyfriend leaked her tape’ video? Then click this link immediatly. The video is being shared on the internet, you can find it on various social media networks. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are spreading various versions of the leaked tape of Nicki Minaj video. A lot of them are infected by cybercriminals that want to earn a revenue by installing malicious code on the victims computers.

The Leaked tape of Nicki Minaj is being used by cybercriminals to spread malicious applications on the internet. Once the hacker has found a victim, the hacker will redirect the victim to a malicious website which will demand the victim to share the video first. Once the video has been shared on the timeline of the victim, the hacker will redirect the unaware user to another malicious website which then will serve a malicious survey or application.

Leaked Tape of Nicki Minaj

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