Fruit Giant Dole Hit by Ransomware Attack – 3900 Employees Affected

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If you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast, then you must know about the recent ransomware attack on the fruit mega-corporation, Dole. It was not just an ordinary cyber-attack. Let’s get into the juicy details.

The Attack

Earlier this year, Dole fell victim to a major ransomware attack. Personal data from 3900 employees was stolen in the breach, according to the company’s data breach report to the Attorney General of the U.S. state of Maine. The stolen data was extensive, including names, addresses, phone numbers, copies of driver’s licenses, social security numbers, passport numbers, birth dates, and other work-related information.

The Aftermath

Despite the theft, Dole maintains there’s no reason to suspect that the employees’ personal information has been or will be misused. Still, in a move to mitigate possible damage, the affected employees can monitor their credit free of charge for a year.

This cyber attack wasn’t only about data. The incident had immediate consequences for Dole’s operations. The fruit giant had to shut down several factories in North America and suspend food deliveries to supermarkets.

The Real Impact

The attack had a particularly significant impact on the fresh vegetables processed by Dole in Chile. On a conference call with stock market analysts discussing annual and quarterly figures, the company announced it wouldn’t receive insurance compensation for the damage caused by the ransomware attack. The precise extent of the damage hasn’t been revealed yet.

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