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Your friends help Facebook to spy on you

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Did you know that Facebook is going to publish a new plugin which will allow your friends to write and add information about you? This means if somebody sees that you are using a different address, they will be able to provide the authentic address you are using.

Facebook has been working hard on becoming the number one social media network on the internet.

Security agencies love the information Facebook is capable to provide, so now it seems that Facebook is going one step further.

They will ask your friends to provide information about you:

Facebook will now offer an “ask” button that will appear on a user’s page in the top left About box, for those cases where personal details aren’t filled in. The new button will give people’s Facebook friends a chance to actually ask them for more details.

Ars Technica writes

“Used to be, if users didn’t disclose personal details like relationship status, hometown, current job, or high school, those blanks simply wouldn’t appear in the prominent “about” box, Now, Facebook loudly advertises users’ selective silence by way of the “ask” button. For example, if I click ‘ask’ on a friend’s “career” section, I’m shown a prompt that says “Let so-and-so know why you’re asking for his/her work info,” along with an optional text blank.

Earlier it was published in a report that Facebook also saves your drafts of messages. So if you do not send a message, the message is still saved on the Facebook servers. As you can imagine this will provide Facebook a new tool to spy on people. The same tool will be used by government agencies and even hackers which are able to find a way to penetrate the Facebook environment.

Share this with people that should know this: