The friendly neighbor which spied on my children

I will never forget what happened that specific day, it was sunny, the weather was good, we were having a BBQ with the family and the children were having fun. I could not ask for more, but to my big surprise, someone had a gift for my children. What happened next, will keep me aware for the years I will be alive.

First of all I want to explain that I am a caring husband and that I do enjoy the fact of having people around me, I am very social and you can have a good laugh with me. The same goes for my wife, she is very friendly and a care giving person.

We have two daughters which are currently at the age of 10 and 13. Let’s get back to the BBQ party, during the BBQ, a neighbor joined; the neighbor had a present for the kids, which is very nice of course. We did not expect him to be present, and we especially did not expect him to have a gift for the kids.


The neighbor got a Laptop for the kids, the laptop haves all the functions, a webcam, microphone, full HD screen and very good sound speakers. Once the BBQ was done, the kids grabbed the laptop, and went to their room.

Both of the kids are able to handle a laptop, they have a Skype account and they have various social media accounts. They are very active on Twitter and Facebook.

As you can expect, the kids were having fun with the laptop, but it was getting late. I asked the kids if they would shut down the laptop, and go to bed. They listened, and I did not have to check on them.

The next day, the kids told me that the laptop acted strange. They said that the laptop, powered on around 01:00 in the morning. They asked me if I would take a look at the laptop.

To my big surprise, the laptop did not have an active anti-virus installed, so the first thing I did was to install an anti-virus.

The anti-virus was installed, and it started running a scan for malicious applications and codes on the computer. I did not expect a virus on the computer, but the laptop told me that there was a malicious program on the computer. The virus was called the ‘Darkcomet-RAT’.

I did some research, and it looked like that the Darkcomet-RAT is capable of starting webcams and microphones from a distance. Could it be, that the neighbor installed this tool to spy on my children?!

I went to the police, and I explained to them that I think that there is a virus on my computer, which is being used to spy on my children. The police took the care very serious and they started investigating the laptop.

Guess what… The ‘friendly’ neighbor got arrested after the research.

Dear parents and adults, be aware that ‘free’ gifts can come in various forms, this time the criminal decided to use an infected laptop to spy on my children. Are you aware for the various threats which could hit you?!

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