Free vulnerability scanners

Cyber security experts will need a good set of vulnerability scanners to audit their authorized targets. The most security experts are using these free vulnerability scanners to audit their environments. Vulnerability scanners are tools which hold various codes that check target the provided website with known vulnerabilities and exploits.

If the webapplication is vulnerable to the exploit, the vulnerability scanner will include the found exploit in the report which will be generated after the vulnerability scanner is done with scanning for vulnerabilities.

On the internet you will find a lot of tools which claim to be able to find vulnerabilities. On several torrent websites you will find cracked vulnerability scanners, but I strongly recommend you to use the free tools which are being listed in the article. If you do not want to use free tools then you can search for a paid vulnerability solution. But why pay if there are free solutions available.

In the following list you will find vulnerability scanners which can be downloaded for free. Do not pay for them, as I already told you that they are free.


The first tool which can be used for free is the Armitage vulnerability scanner module. The Armitage application uses the Metasploit framework and database.

armitage console screen
Armitage console screen