Free Microsoft Professional Certificates You Can Start With Today

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Your Ultimate Guide to a Tech-Focused Career

Wondering how to pivot into a tech career or level up your existing skills?

Microsoft offers a range of professional certificates1 that can make you job-ready for in-demand roles like Power BI Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, or Azure Developer. We think this is a game-changer, especially when no prior experience is needed for most courses. Let’s dig in!

Why Opt for a Microsoft Professional Certificate?

Microsoft isn’t just any tech company—it’s a gateway to countless career opportunities. These professional certificates offer flexible schedules, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Plus, you’ll be learning directly from the folks at Microsoft. How cool is that?

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Duration: 5 months at 10 hours a week
Level: Beginner
Certification: Microsoft PL-300

If you’re excited about turning raw data into meaningful insights, this is your golden ticket.

What You’ll Learn

Connect to data sourcesCapstone Project
Prepare Excel dataMicrosoft PL-300 Certification
Create reports and dashboards

Why Choose This?

You’ll not only gain hands-on experience but also qualify for in-demand job titles like Business Intelligence Analyst and Power BI Analyst. Plus, you get a certificate recognized by employers.

Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

Duration: 6 months at 10 hours a week
Level: Beginner
Certification: Microsoft SC-900

Interested in being the guardian of the digital world? Say no more. This course sets you on the path to becoming a cybersecurity expert.

Skills You’ll Master

Core ConceptsAdvanced Techniques
Cybersecurity LandscapeThreat Mitigation
Network VulnerabilitiesAzure Environment Security

Why This Is For You

By the end of the course, you’ll be prepared for the Microsoft SC-900 Certification exam and be ready to take on roles in the ever-growing cybersecurity field.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500) Professional Certificate

Duration: 6 months at 5 hours a week
Level: Intermediate
Certification: AZ-500

If cloud security intrigues you, this course is a no-brainer.

Key Takeaways

Azure ServicesSecurity Measures
Azure Active DirectoryPerimeter and Network Security
Data SovereigntyMonitoring Tools

Why You Should Consider This

The Azure platform is massive and growing. Being proficient in Azure security can open doors to high-paying job roles.

Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Associate (DP-203) Professional Certificate

Duration: 3 months at 10 hours a week
Level: Intermediate

Data engineering, anyone? This course is designed to make you an expert in Azure data services.

Skills You’ll Acquire

Develop for Azure StorageAzure Compute Solutions
Connect to Azure ServicesImplement Azure Security

What Makes This Special

With this course, you’re not just learning—you’re mastering skills that are in high demand, from developing for Azure storage to implementing security measures.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) Professional Certificate

Duration: 2 months at 10 hours a week
Level: Intermediate

If creating end-to-end solutions in Azure is your dream, it’s about to come true.

Skills to Gain

Azure StorageAzure Compute Solutions
Azure ServicesAzure Security

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

In just two months, you’ll be ready to tackle real-world Azure development projects.

Wrapping It Up

Microsoft’s professional certificates offer a flexible, efficient, and effective way to pivot into a tech career or level up your skills. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to invest in your future?

What career path excites you the most? Share your thoughts!

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