FREE Download: Play With Lego via Your Browser With Google Lego

The Google webstore environment holds various games and tools which are designed to give joy to people.

The Build With Chrome project by Google is a wonderful project which allows you to build your own Lego design on the internet by using LEGO blocks.

The blocks are available in various sizes and shapes and guess what, it is entirely free to use. The Google Lego project is very straight forward.

Play with Lego

We have listed down some important keys to help you going:

  • Left mouse click = move block
  • Right mouse click = remove block
  • Spacebar = Spin block
  • Arrow keys = Rotate block
  • Mouse wheel = Zoom
  • CTRL+z = Undo last block action
Cyberwarzone Lego Attempt :P
Cyberwarzone Lego Attempt 😛

The Google project uses the same functions as the Google Maps project.

Do note that the Google Chrome project does demand a reasonable strong computer. The Google project might cause some errors if you want to run it in a virtual environment.

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