[FREE] cwzIPe: IP Address Extraction tool for threat intelligence and malware research

Free IP Address Extraction tool

I was performing some research on malicious domains and IP addresses and I noticed that I was spending way too much time on filtering the IP addresses from specific lists or trend reports. So I decided to create a simple but powerful tool which performs a filter on inserted texts.

The program has been crafted for the Windows operating system and it does not take a lot of storage in use. The program is very fast when it comes to finding IP addresses and it is very straight forward.

The program contains an option to provide your own filter and once the program is started, it will loop the fields for IP addresses or other values (advanced mode).

These texts could be full PDF reports or scrambled messages which contain IP addresses. Once the text is inserted in to the program, the program will list the found IP addresses in to another field in the program. This allows you to copy and use the found IP’s directly.

The program is written in C sharp and it has an option available for advanced users which want to try out other regular expressions.

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